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Preventative Dental Care

Your smile says a lot about you. Preventive dental care at  our White Bear Lake office will help ensure that your smile is presenting a  message of health and well-being. At Dr. Crandall & Associates, we provide  excellent dental care for your entire family. 

Comprehensive Oral Exam

Optimum oral health begins with a comprehensive dental exam. Your annual or biannual checkup will reveal any budding issues like dental decay or the early stages of gingivitis. Drastically lower the risk of your children getting cavities when we fill the tiny grooves and fissures with sealants for protection. 

Preventive care also includes diagnostic x-rays so we can see if there are any issues below the surface of your teeth and gums. Early detection of decay allows for less invasive treatment and keeps your mouth healthy.  

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is another service included in preventive care. Professional cleaning removes tartar and plaque buildup, which if ignored will lead to gingivitis. Even if you are doing a great job with your oral hygiene brushing and flossing every day, chances are you have plaque and tartar buildup just below the gum line or in hard-to-reach places. You cannot remove the hardened substance, but we can. 

Perio Maintenance/Gum Disease

Gum disease is more common than one would think and it's not  necessarily caused by not brushing. Medical conditions like Diabetes,  pregnancy, dry mouth and medications we take can all affect our gum health.

Halitosis or Bad Breath Management

Bad breath can be a deal breaker, both professionally and  personally. As a Hygiene and Dental  team, we know how real Halitosis is, and we have the tools and understanding  to help. Click here for more information on how to  prevent bad breath.

Dental Insurance Covers Preventive Services

Dr. Crandall & Associates accepts a variety of dental insurances. These include:

● UCare for Seniors

● Delta Dental

● Health Partners

● MetLife

● Aetna

● Premier Dental

● Many Others

Take advantage of your dental insurance and come in for a  comprehensive dental examination. Preventive care keeps dental costs low. With  good oral hygiene, education on how to keep your teeth and gums in good shape  and regular visits to the dentist to ensure that your mouth is healthy, you  are applying that ounce of prevention that saves you from paying for a pound  of cure.

Our White Bear Lake dental clinic provides compassionate, friendly care for you and all your family members. Preventive care begins when that first tooth makes its appearance and continues throughout a lifetime. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Crandall & Associates today and experience the warm, relaxing environment of a dental office dedicated to excellence in patient-centered care. 

 Dr. Crandall & Associates’ White Bear Lake dental clinic offers excellent, patient-centered care. Preventive dental care helps keep your mouth in great shape. Call today for an appointment in one of our dental clinics located in Dellwood, Maplewood and White Bear Lake.